WordPress Theme Customization & Design

Once you have installed WordPress website or blog. It is high time to take care of some urgent steps that will help your site look exactly you want it how should it look, safer, easier to manage and optimize your web site for search engine.

Set Permalink Structure.

WordPress comes with a default permalink but it is not the most optimized one.    Customize it before we move further.

Make sure the site is visible in google

Go to your wp-admin/settings/reading, and make sure that the following checkbox remaind unchecked.

Get site backups taken care of

Backups are always your most important assets in case something bad happens

with your site. The simplest method is to install a backup plugin.

Enable traffic analytic

As a website owner, you need to know how many visitors you actually have at your site, and how they are accessing it. Luckily, the most in-depth analytic tool is available for free.

Get a security plugin

The best way is to install with additional security plugin is ITHEMES security, a free plugin.

Enable Caching and connect to CDN

These two technologies go together and both impacts performance of your site and speed.

Caching and CDNs are the most effective ways to load a website less than 3 seconds.

Caching takes some of your website content and stores it in a way that allows that content to be served quicker when the next visitor asks for it. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Basically, it is a network of servers that take your site’s static content and deliver it to your visitors from the server of the nearest geographical location.

 Customize Your Theme

There is always needs to customize WordPress websites. With every WordPress theme, no matters how quality it is and what awesome features it have. There’s always something that you would like to change before you can conclude it final result.

 Set a Customer Header 

 To work with your header, go to the Customize, and then click on the box labeled either “Header”, “Header Image”. This change from theme to theme.

 Set your Logo and favicon

 To set/upload your site logo, go to the Customize, and click on the box labeled “Site Identity” (unless there’s a dedicated box labeled “Logo” or something similar).

Adjust Colour

Choose any color you want to wish

Set a Custom Background

 Select any background of your choice.

Additional Theme based Customization

 Select any favorite theme you want to apply.

Plugins to use for theme Customization

 Select theme according to requirements.


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